Permanent GPS Network

Geomagnetic Observatory Panagyurishte – PAG

Geomagnetic Observatory in Panagyurishte maintains the only and sole international geomagnetic standard in Bulgaria through permanent absolute and comparative geomagnetic measurements. The geomagnetic service is assigned for national body to create and maintain of the geomagnetic model of Bulgaria. The main users of the collected information are the Military-geographic service at the Ministry of Defense, the Agency for Cadastre of Bulgaria and all business organization dealing with survey of ores and minerals by magnetic methods.

The Observatory is also a member of the world network of gigital geomagnetic observatories INTERMAGNET.



In the beginning of 1930’s in connection with the elaboration of the topographic map of Bulgaria the Geographical Institute at the Ministry of Defense had an urgent need of geomagnetic data for the whole country. Because of that reason to the mathematician Hristo Kalfin, head of the Computing department of the same institute, was assigned the task to create a magnetic service which main goal is “to study the problem of Earth magnetism – scientifically and practically”. In 1934 he specialized for three months in the Geomagnetic observatory in Niemegk, Germany where he studied the basic requirements, connected to the determination of place, architecture style, size and mode of building of the variation and absolute house.