Permanent GPS Network


The main services

for some eventually local or regional users are:

  • Expert assessments of the parameters of seismic events registered by National Seismological Network;
  • Expert assessments of the intensity of seismic impact of various seismic events for some local regions (objects);
  • Constructing and maintenance of local seismic networks;
  • Seismic monitoring of various infrastructure or local objects;
  • Complex geophysical investigations of the cites of local objects;
  • Seismic hazard assessments of the cites of local objects;
  • Seismic microzoning of various infrastructure or agglomerations e.t.c.
  • Management/maintenance of Local accelerometric networks for monitoring and recording of SGM and warning against strong earthquakes;
  • Seismic monitoring of buildings, engineering structures and monuments of culture (BSM);
  • Seismic instrumentation of BSM;
  • Recording, monitoring and control of vibrations/oscillations derived from anthropogenic/seismogenic sources.