Permanent GPS Network


Seismic zoning, seismic microzoning, seismic expert’s reports and assessments are the basic seismology applied investigations for contracting with interested organizations. Due to the possibilities for recording, analysis, processing and interpretation of local seismological information some local or regional monitoring of seismicity could be performed in Seismological Department. The most important available specific instruments and devices in exploitation are the sensors S13 – 14 numbers, Guralp CMG40T – 8 n., Geophone GS11D – 6 n.., KS 2000 – 3 n.., CMG 3ESPC – 2 n.., STS2 – 2 n., STS1 – 1 n., Акселерометър 131А – 1 n. and the digitizers DAS 130 – 20 n., Q330 – 2 n., Q380 – 1 n., GeoSig – 3 n. Two servers SUN (Fire V240) under operating system “Solaris” and one under “Linux”, as well as many communication rooters and switches are in hard operation in the Data center in the Department.

The main national consumers of the seismological information in Bulgaria are MRRB, NPP “Kozloduy”, NPP “Belene”, “ProvadSol”, ДП “РАО”, Agency of sustainable development and European integration. The main services for some eventually local or regional users are:

  • expert assessments of the parameters of seismic events registered by National Seismological Network
  • expert assessments of the intensity of seismic impact of various seismic events for some local regions (objects)
  • constructing and maintenance of local seismic networks
  • seismic monitoring of various infrastructure or local objects
  • complex geophysical investigations of the cites of local objects
  • seismic hazard assessments of the cites of local objects
  • seismic microzoning of various infrastructure or agglomerations e.t.c.
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