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Projects funded from state budget grant of BAS have titles very closed to the titles of the themes of the main activities in Seismology Department :

  • Monitoring of the seismicity and analysis of the seismogenic processes in Bulgaria and neighboring lands
  • Physics and statistic investigations of seismic waves and earthquake sources
  • Historical earthquakes in Bulgarian: macroseismic data base and some applications for Bulgarian territory
  • Investigations of the structure of the earth crust and upper mantle by means of seismological data
  • Geodynamic processes and phenomena in the active parts of the earth crust
  • Some aspects of earthquake prediction

Some more significant project-contracts with additional financial support are:

  • Seismic zoning of Bulgaria consistent with EUROCODE 8;
  • Seismic safety of building constructions and Maps for the zoning with seismic hazard recognition on the territory of the country, MRRB contract;
  • Recording, analysis, processing and interpretation of seismological information from Local Seismic Network on the NPP “Kozlodui” area – NPP “Kozlodui” contract;
  • Seismic risk assessment and potential damages from buildings and infrastructure destructions in settlements based on GIS, as an element from the National Database – contract with Agency of sustainable development and European integration (ASDEI);
  • Earthquake activity in Bulgaria during the last XX century decade (1991-2000) on the seismological observations in NSN. – MOMN;
  • Monitoring of Provadia salt body – way for assessment and reduce of natural and technological risks. – MOMN;
  • Investigation of the possibilities for earthquake forecasting and climate changes in the Black Sea region (BlackSeaHazNet) – VII Framwork Programme of EC;
  • Project SCHEMA – VI FP of EC;
  • Project TRANSFER – VI FP of EC;
  • Project Plato-1/MEDNET;
  • Transborder project “Danube Cross-border System for Earthquakes Alert” (DACEA)
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