Permanent GPS Network



of services – Department “Geophysics”

  • Environmental impact assessment – Assessment of the Environmental Impact Statement and Integrated Permits for the needs of municipalities, industrial enterprises and other economic subjects ;
  • Short and long-term forecasts of the transport ant transformation of the air pollutant in the atmosphere for Ministries, Agencies and other users;
  • Field measurements of magnetic susceptibility of soils and sediments for evaluation of anthropogenic pollution;
  • Laboratory magnetic measurements of different solid materials for identification of magnetic mineralogy;
  • Archaeomagnetic dating of archaeological materials of burnt clay;
  • Mapping of areas affected by wildfires and erosion through (geo)magnetic methods;
  • Determination of ancient firing temperatures of ceramics and house destructions;
  • Geomagnetic investigations for geological archaeological, and engineering purposes;
  • Field geomagnetic surveys for localization of objects and structures in depth;
  • Preparation of reports about the geomagnetic field conditions on the territory of the country;
  • Short and long-term forecasts for the conditions of radio-waves distribution in the ionosphere for the needs of Ministry of Defense and other users.