Permanent GPS Network

Geodesic Observatory “PLANA”

Geodetic Observatory in Plana is situated at 30 km Sout-East from Sofia on 1300 m altitude. Established in 1969 as a Station for observation of Earth satellites under the program INTERCOSMOS. In 1983 is opened officially as a geodetic observatory PLANA with equipment for observation of satellites and modern astronomic and geodetic instruments.
The observatory is equipped with zenith telescope, passage instrument, laser telemeter, astrolabium and camera AFU-75. It is found the referential GPS, gravimetric and altitude points by which is realized the connection of the national geodetic systems with European ones. The contacts with the other institutes are made by accelerometer, seismograph, automatic MTO station, ozonometer, modern ionospheric station, instruments for ecologic research. It was installed a radio-telescope for observation of the solar radiation and intensity.
The reconstruction of a laser satellite telemeter in LIDAR for monitoring of the environment is in preparation. It is coming the switching of high-speed internet for reception of observation information in real time.



Active collaboration for carrying out of joint complex scientific research in the Observatory was created during 2004 between Central Laboratory of Higher Geodesy and Geophysical Institute, Institute of Geography, Central Laboratory of Seismic Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering and Central Laboratory of General Ecology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It exists a bilateral collaboration between Central Laboratory of Higher Geodesy and the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, as well as with chairs of Astronomy, Meteorology and Geophysics in the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University.

Scientific programs and projects

The observatory of the Central Laboratory of Higher Geodesy is incorporated in many international research projects and observation campaigns in Europe and Mediterranean like EPOCH, EUREF, TECTOSCOPE, SELF II, UNIGRACE, etc. The data from the observations realized offer the possibility to the participating institutes to join a number of international projects, namely COST, 7FP, LTR, RILA, as well as projects of ESF, NATO and Swiss NSF.