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Hydrology and Water Management Research Center

The Hydrology and Water Management Research Center a new independent unit for studying and researching the quantitative and qualitative state and dynamics of water resources at different levels – national, basin and local. Climatic changes and their influence on the formation and spatio-temporal features of the realization of surface waters, the multi-purpose use of water resources, the increasing participation of our institute in the implementation of various scientific and scientific-applied developments and projects with a hydrological orientation, the preparation of expertise and opinions on national programs, management strategies and plans and regional development plans predetermined the establishment of the Center.

Aims and Objectives of the Center

Main objectives:

  1. Expansion and deepening of hydrological and water management research and enrichment of the structure of scientific and scientific-applied directions in the institute’s research program.
  2. The gradual designation of the institute as one of the centers providing state and local governments, various organizations and departments with scientifically based opinions and expertise in the field of the use, management and protection of water resources in our country.
  3. Attracting young scientists, doctoral students and masters for work, training, specialization and increasing their professional qualifications.

Basic aims:

  • Building and maintaining a scientific unit for carrying out hydrological and water management research, participation in national and regional scientific and applied programs and projects, drafting opinions and expertise;
  • Creation, maintenance and expansion of an information system for water in our country at different levels based on open sources, cooperation and joint work with departments, from participation in the implementation of programs and projects;
  • Acquisition and application of modern research approaches and methods, specialized software for analysis and evaluations.

Main Scientific Areas and Activities:

  • State, spatio-temporal characteristics and changes of surface water resources;
  • Use and management of water resources at different levels and purposes;
  • Analysis and assessment of the pressure on the quantitative and qualitative state of surface waters;
  • Differentiated and complex assessment of surface water quality;
  • In cooperation and interconnection with other similar scientific research activities in the institute on the problems of risky hydrological processes, ecosystem services provided by water, changes in the environment, etc.