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Instructions to the authors

The Geodesy thematic series is intended for publication of original papers with scientific contributions to all fields of geodesy and interdisciplinary research related to it. The series is available both for Bulgarian and for foreign authors. Except for original scientific papers, the review papers are also accepted treating contemporary problems of geodesy, information about implemented works, book reviews, etc. The series includes also special editions dedicated to specific problems of geodesy and interdisciplinary research.

The papers in the thematic series should not be published till now (except in the form of an abstract) or submitted for publication elsewhere and have to be approved by all co-authors.

The author (authors) guarantees the originality of the contribution and the content for its publication. The Geodesy thematic series has all copyrights on the papers after their acceptance for printing in the context of the legislation in force.

The Editorial Board of the thematic series chooses one reviewer for each of the accepted papers. He is approved by the Editorial Board and by the Editor-in-Chief. The reviewer evaluates the submitted paper in a written form (according to a standard blank) and recommends to the Editorial Board its acceptance, rejection or editing. The final decision for the acceptance or rejection of a given paper is made by the Editor-in-Chief. It is based on the received review and on the opinion of the Editorial Board. All accepted manuscripts are subject to the Author’s Rights Law.

The manuscripts are submitted to the editorial office in two copies in English and as an exception in Bulgarian. An electronic copy is also submitted using a standard software (Word for Windows is preferable). The volume should not exceed 20 pages (30 lines, 65 signs each), including references, illustrations and abstract (in the beginning of the paper). The papers are accompanied by abstracts in Bulgarian. The abstract should not exceed 20 lines (up to 300 words).

It is recommendable to arrange the text of the manuscript as follows: title, authors and authors’ address, address for contacts, abstract, main text, conclusions, references, figure description.

The references are is arranged in an alphabetical order with respect to the family name of the first author with full bibliographic description:
    – for books – author(s), year, title, place of issue, Publishing House, number of pages;
    – for papers – author(s), year, title, journal name, volume, number, number of pages from – to.

All citations in the text should be included in the reference list and vice versa. If the citations of one and the same author are two or more within the frame of one year, they are marked additionally with a, b, c, etc., after the year.

The figures and drawings are marked in the text on one line and are submitted separately in an original format (Surfer, Grapher, Corel Draw, etc.), as well as in the text format (doc, rtf, etc.). The figure captions are submitted on a single sheet, written in the language of the paper.

The formulas are written in the text using Equation or Math Type with clear distinction between the capital and small letter designations and indices. The formula numbering is made at the left side of the line. All dimensions have to be given in SI.

The author (authors) is (are) given 10 reprints of the published papers.

The Editorial Board keeps the right to return manuscripts, which are not at a good scientific level, do not correspond to the topics of the thematic series and do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

The manuscripts are submitted to the editorial office of the Geodesy thematic series – 1113 Sofia, Acad. G. Bonchev St., Block 1, or are sent to the e-mail address