Permanent GPS Network

Volume 22, 2017

ISSN 0324-1114


Volume 22 · Sofia · 2017

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



Momchil Minchev, Ivan Georgiev – Bulgarian 1970 System as it is stands

Yavor Chapanov, Ivan Georgiev, Radost Pachalieva – Geodetic and Geophysical time series from Lageos 1 and Lageos 2 data processing for the period 1984 – 2011

Yuri Tsanovski – Resistance of control points in deformation networks

Tasi Belyashky – Accuracy of the State Levelling Network 1st order of Bulgaria

Keranka Vassileva – Case study of the impact of datum definition changes on the estimated station velocities from GPS

Keranka Vassileva, Mila Atanasova – Inferred plate tectonic transition boundaries in Bulgaria from GPS

Peter Kovachev – Specialized software for visualization and analysis of GPS data quality using TEQC (UNAVCO) program

Peter Kovachev, Nikolay Dimitrov, Katia Kotzeva – Research survey on the two software packages for high-precision processing of GPS measurements

Nikolay Dimitrov – Study of crustal movements in Mirovo salt deposit with GPS and classical geodetic measurements

Tatyana Lambeva – Correlation matrices of relative gravimetric measurements

Andrey Andreev, Krasimira Kirilova – Local modelling of the geoid in territory of south-western Bulgaria

Asparuh Kamburov, Vasil Gourev, Manuel Berrocoso, Gonzalo Prates, Amos de Gil, Christoph Knöfel – Establishment of geodetic GNSS network on Livingston Island, Antarctica

Stanimir Mihovski, Metodi Metodiev – Model of geomagnetic declination of Bulgaria on the basis of measurements in 2012

Georgi Mihailov, Stanimir Mihovski, Nikolay Moshekov, Peter Danchev – Normal height determination of points from State GPS Network