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Earthquake in Pernik

Investigations of the 22 may 2012 earthquake in Pernik, Bulgaria

E. Botev, D. Dimitrov, I. Georgiev, V. Protopopova


On 22nd of May 2012 an earthquake with magnitude Мs=5.8 occurred in the town of Pernik about 20 km SW from the capital Sofia causing moderate damages in a wide area including the main city. According to the reports of the seismological agencies and the rapid determination of Bulgarian national seismic network the depth of the event is shallow – about 10 km. The epicentre of the shock is in an area which is relatively quite for the last 120 years minimum. The orientations of the fault plane solutions and distribution of the aftershock epicenters coincide with the NW direction of Pernik-Belchin fault tectonic line. As a result, a dislocation model using Okada definitions based on the complex analysis of the dataset is proposed.