Tsvetan Kotsev


Tsvetan Kotsev is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 2010. He graduated from the Department of Geology and Geography at Sofia University in 1998 and earned his PhD degree in the Institute of Geography at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2003. Since then he specialized in landscape ecology, focusing on the environmental quality assessment and spatial distribution of heavy metals and arsenic in the geosystems. Currently, together with an interdisciplinary research group, he does studies on arsenic mobilization and transport within the soil- groundwater-river water system in highly contaminated river floodplains.

His research interests are also related to predictive modelling of heavy metal dispersal in soil and groundwater in river valleys, based on analysis of digital elevation models (DEM). An area of special interest is the mining-affected valley of the Ogosta River, where he coordinates environmental monitoring since 2014. Tsvetan Kotsev is the Bulgarian principal investigator of the project ASCOR (Bulgarian-Swiss Research Program, 2012-2016) and coordinator of the project ARSENT (Bulgarian National Science Fund,

2016-2019), which are investigating arsenic and heavy metals pollution in the upper stretch of the Ogosta Valley.


Phone: 02/9713387