Lyubka Pashova

Assoc. Professor, PhD, Eng.

Lyubka Pashova is an Assoc. Professor at the Department of Geodesy of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Her research work, professional and teaching experience in the field of geodesy science includes following topics: a) combinations of heterogeneous geo-data using advanced mathematical methods; b) geodetic coordinate reference systems; c) vertical datum unification using TG, altimetry and geoid heights with GNSS integration; d) regional and local geodynamical studies; e) analysis of sea level variations both in different spatial and temporal scales; f) monitoring, analysis and assessment of natural hazards, incl. disaster risk reduction.


Phone: +359 2 979 3349


URL: 9896-2011

ORCID: 9905

URLs: Pashova