Permanent GPS Network


Latest Significant Projects

  • “Risk assessment and protection capacity for critical infrastructures” (RISK PROTEC CI), 2012 -2013, ЕС.
  • “Analysis of structural behaviour under seismic loads related to the introduction of Eurocodes in Bulgaria and Romania”, 2012 -2014, joint project with the Academy of Sciences of Romania.
  • “Risk assessment and development of protection capacity for critical infrastructures due to aircraft attack”, 2012 -2013, ЕС.
  • “Danubean transborder system for earthquake early warning” (DACEA) 2010 -2013,(DACEA) 2010 -2013, ЕС – Transborder cooperation.
  • “Field experimental investigation of Tzankov Kamak Dam concrete arch wall”, 2010 – 2012, National Electric Company.
  • “Seismic monitoring of world cultural heritage of UNESCO: Rila Monastery and the rock Churches at Ivanovo, Russe region”, 2012, Ministry of Culture.
  • „Dynamic characteristics of the earthquakes recorded by the National SGM network of Bulgaria ”, 2012, БАН.
  • “Relevance assessment of the EC-8 and the National addendums implementation effects on the structural design practice in Bulgaria”, 2011, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works..
  • “Seismic monitoring of Iskar Dam Wall”, 2010-2011, National Electric Company..
  • “Seismic Hazard Study for Lifeline Systems Running through Macedonia and Bulgaria” (CLG 983911), 2010-2011, NATO.
  • “Development and testing of a dynamic model for studying the stability to seismic impacts of open mines and adjacent structures devised for “Lomski ligniti”, 2009 – 2010, joint project with the National Center for Supercomputer Applications..
  • “Dynamic response of rocks – methods for forecasting of hazardous seismic zones in mines. Experience from investigations in Belarus and Bulgaria”, 2008-2010, joint project with the Belarus Academy of Sciences.
  • “Study of seismicity of the remote past applying engineering seismology methods”, 2008-2010, joint project with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • “National parameters for Eurocode 8 “Design of structures for seismic loads”, 2007-2009, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works..