Permanent GPS Network

2009, Vol. 1-2


Tsvetomir Kalchev – Environmental indicators for state-of-environment assessment

Nino Ninov – Sandy soils (Arenosols) in Bulgaria

Ivan Drenovski, Krasimir Stoyanov – Increase of September precipitation in Bulgaria during the period 1992-2008

Petar Nojarov – Air temperature changes at Botev top for the period 1941-2007

Jordan Tsvetkov – Background landscape-geochemical research of heavy metals in natural park “Vitosha”

Stelyan Dimitrov, Anton Popov – A concept for GIS development serving the needs of the General Directorate “Regional Policy and Management Systems” at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Poli Roukova, Spartak Keremedchiev, Agnieszka Sobala-Gwosd, Evgeni Evgeniev – Local production network and governance: a comparative study of the footwear industry in Bulgaria and Poland

Chavdar Mladenov, Emil Dimitrov – State and perspectives of the educational population age groups in Bulgaria

Nadejda Ilieva – Application of the method of optimum population distribution area aiming to establish some spatial changes in the localization of the Turkish ethnic group in Bulgaria during 1965-2001

Reviews and Comments

Dilyana Stefanova, Ivanka Boteva – Marin Rousev presents: Social Geography. Selected Lectures. Methodological Guidelines. Information Resources

Geographical Thought and Ideas through the Ages

Jordan Tsvetkov – Lev Goumiliov and historical geography of steppe Eurasia

Jubilees and Anniversaries

Ivanka Boteva, Marian Varbanov – For Assoc. Professor Marina Yordanova – deserved gratitude and respect! On the occasion of her 70th birthday anniversary