Permanent GPS Network

2008, Vol. 1-2


Stefan Velev – The anthropogenic greenhouse effect – its past, present and future

Boris Kolev – Geographic space

Petar Stoyanov – The German “Science of Space”

Marin Roussev, Pavlinka Vladimirova – Internal geopolitics of ethnically mixed regions in Bulgaria and the role of elections in the municipalities of Kardjali district

Nadezhda Ilieva – Peculiarities of the demographic transition established for the Turkish ethnic group in Bulgaria

Maria Shishmanova – Regional development, regional policy and spatial planning of mountain regions

Stoyan Nedkov – Development of GIS data base on landscapes in mountain areas

Mariyana Nikolova – Indicators for assessment of risk from natural hazards in the mountain municipalities

Marian Varbanov – Complex assessment of river water quality in protected mountain areas

Emilia Patarchanova – Possibilities for stable development of the backward mountain regions in the district of Blagoevgrad

Emil Gachev – Recommendations for spatial organization of land use in Smolyan municipality based on the existing natural and manmade features

Georgi Zhelezov – Current hydroecological state of the Smolyan system consisting of humid zones

Stefka Tsekova – Regional approach to the management of household wastes from four municipalities in Smolyan district

Petar Nojarov, Dilyana Stefanova – Results from testing the socio-economic indicators for sustainable tourism development in protected areas (based on the nature parks of “Zlatni Piassattsi”, “Rilski Manastir” and “Roussenski Lom”)

Rahman Nurkovic – Regional tourism development on the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dobromir Grozdev – Wind regime during drillings from “Sivash oil platform” in the shelf zone of the Bulgarian Black Sea sector

K. Grunewald, J. Scheithauer, Alexandar Gikov – Microglaciers in the Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

Reviews and Comments

Boris Kolev – When a book coincides with an event

Boiko Rangelov – One interesting, useful and current book